A downloadable Patience for Android

As part of the Corona Blitz 2017 challenge I attempted to create a complete game in 4 hours. In actuality in took more like 5.5 hours, but I spent a good 90 minutes down a rabbit hole not realizing that the Box-2D engine loses its mind when you start moving objects between display groups.

Obviously, the game is very basic--but it is a game, and, it was an opportunity for me to work through something I've wanted to explore for a while which is how to create a "tape" of elements that continually wrap as the user slides his/her finger left to right.

I'm not going to give a lot of instructions because part of the experience is just trying out each of the blocks and seeing how they impact the ball. The objective is just to "influence" the ball such that it collides with a star. Each time you do that, you'll get a point. It will take some "patience" to get a double digit score.

Patience is a virtue!

Install instructions

This is signed with a debug key folks. You'll need to side-load to an Android device.


Patience.apk 6 MB